GA426 Catch & Snatch

GA426 Catch &S natch Back To Toys Catch & Snatch Watch out! Because everyone is after your colorful tails! With this game, every player starts with four tails. Now try to catch the other players’ tails. Snatch them and stick them to your velcro belt. Who can collect the most tails and the most points? […]

GA424 Red light green light

GA424 Red light green light Red light green lightThere are three important rules in this extreme version of Red light Green light; Make sure you are NOT the last player crossing the finish line, pick up at least three tokens along the way and obviously make sure the leader does not see you move. This […]

GA423 Pully Set

GA423 Pulley set Pulley setYour own ropeway, how cool is that? Tie the rope with the pulleys on both sides and pull the rope to get the bucket and bag moving. Send each other notes or little surprises. The ideal toy to freely play with for hours. 3+ | matal, fabric,polyamide | 2 short ropes […]

GA422 Blow Darts

GA422 Blow Darts Blow Darts This is a refreshingly beautiful version of the well-known blow darts. With this 100% FSC wooden toy, you can play endlessly. The blow darts includes three targets, 50 papers with beautiful prints, and instructions on folding the best arrows in no time.l 3+ | wood and paper | blowgun diameter […]

GA397 Cats with Hats

GA397 Cats with Hats GA397 Cats with Hats Flip the chips, roll the dice and combine all appearances. Be the first to fi nd the cat and win a button for your own cat. The first player with a fully buttoned cat wins! 3+ | cardboard | cats 14×12 cm | dice 3 cm | […]

GA418 Balance Surfboard

GA418 Balance Surfboard Balance Surfboard Help the fish swim away from the sharks. Keep your balance as you swirl & swirl on the surfboard whilst rolling the balls around withoutletting them fall out! 4+ | plywood and solid wood | 1 board, 2 big balls and 3 small balls | board: 50x32x4 cm | big […]

GA416 Wobbly Path

GA416 Wobbly Path Wobbly Path Walk across the pond on the wobbly lilipads and pick all the frogs on the way. Can you get them all without falling off? If so then a beautiful froggy prince awaits you. 3+ | MDF and plywood | 7 lilypads and 7 frogs | frogs: 4,5×4 cm | lilypads: […]

GA415 Corn Hole

GA415 Corn Hole Corn HolePlace the boards facing each other. Get the teams readyand take turns throwing. Score 1 point for bags that areon the board and 3 for bags that go into the hole. Thefirst team to reach 21 points wins the game. 8+ | 2 boards, 8 bags | plywood and cotton | […]

GA414 Crab Fishing

GA414 Crab Fishing Crab FishingPerfect weather for Crab fishing. This lovely crab family likes to hold hands. Can you fish one crab and let them all hold hands? Or pick them one by one and collect them all. 3+ | wood | 2 fishing rods and 10 crabs |15×8,5×1,8 cm Back To Toys Download The […]

GA411 Activity Islands

GA411 Activity Islands Activity Islands Pick a stick from the bag. Now quickly run to the mat with the exact same colors as the stick. Who is the first to touch the right mat? With these 7 mats&sticks you can play several active fun games. Play one of the 3 games in the manual, or […]