GA440 Zigzag

Previous Next Download the manual GA440 Zigzag ZigzagSwoosh…the balls are rolling in all directions! Grab them as quickly as possible with the tweezers and put them in the same order as the zigzag cards. Try to get the dual-color balls first because they are worth more points. Are you the fastest or do you have […]

GA439 Giraffe Challenge

GA391 Animal Chat Giraffe ChallengeLook closely at the giraffes and the color pattern. Now slide the round puzzle pieces into the same order as the pattern. Is it going well? Then try to do it with the timer. 4+ | Wood, cardboard, plastic | 22×16,5 cm Download The Manual Here Back To Toys Get in […]

GA438 Geoboard

GA438 Geoboard Geoboard Make the most beautiful creations with this base and the elastics. Use the enclosed cards as an example and build the patterns and cute creatures or let your creativity run wild and come up with the most beautiful creations yourself! 4+ | Wood, cardboard | 18×18 cm Download The Manual Here Back […]

GA437 Dinner Spinner

GA437 Dinner Spinner Dinner Spinner A game for super fast sleuths. Place 14 cards around the large spinner and spin the arrows of both spinners. Now look at the items in the correct color fields and find a card with 2 matching images as quickly as possible. The cards have a color code on the […]

GA436 Tiddly Winks

GA436 Tiddly Winks Tiddly WinksA retro Tiddly winks with a contemporary twist. Made of100% FSC wood in nice fresh colors.Try to score points by squidging your winks into the rings.Who scores the most points? 6+ | Wood & Cotton | 2 hoops, 1 base, 28 chips, 1 bag Download The Manual Here Back To Toys […]

GA432 Pink Elephants

GA432 Pink Elephants Pink Elephants Throw the 3 dice into the cup and count the number of elephants. Close the lid and pass it to the next player while telling them how many pink elephants are in there. This amount must be at least 1 more than the previous player. Make sure you throw the […]

GA433 Nii No Fleh

GA433 Nii No Fleh Nii No Fleh A confusing card game in a non-existing language. Do you shout ‘fléh’ or ‘nii’ or wos-wos? The rules are simple so you just need to pay attention!! If you make a mistake you have to take all cards from the middle. Who will be the first with to […]

GA426 Catch & Snatch

GA426 Catch & Snatch Catch & SnatchWatch out! Because everyone is after your colorful tails! With this game, every player starts with four tails. Now try to catch the other players’ tails. Snatch them and stick them to your velcro belt. Who can collect the most tails and the most points? 3+ | felt and […]

GA424 Red light green light

GA424 Red light green light Red light green lightThere are three important rules in this extreme version of Red light Green light; Make sure you are NOT the last player crossing the finish line, pick up at least three tokens along the way and obviously make sure the leader does not see you move. This […]

GA423 Pully Set

GA423 Pulley set Pulley setYour own ropeway, how cool is that? Tie the rope with the pulleys on both sides and pull the rope to get the bucket and bag moving. Send each other notes or little surprises. The ideal toy to freely play with for hours. 3+ | matal, fabric,polyamide | 2 short ropes […]