GA392 Bugs

GA392 Bugs Bugs – Active Search GameHide all 18 wooden chips with the bugs and roll the dice. Can you find the matching bug? Place all chips in a wide field for an active searchgame or hide them in your home for a quick searchgame. 3+ | Wood | 22x22x4,5 cm Back To Toys Download […]

GA346 Puzzzle Beezzz

GA346 Puzzzle Beezzz Puzzzle BeezzzPick a card, place the bees and puzzle to fill the entire bee hive. Concentration is put to the test and spatial insight is trained! 8+ | wood | 30 cards with challenges | 9 wooden puzzle pieces | size 18 x 16 cm Back To Toys Download The Manual Here […]

GA347 Veggie

GA347 Veggie VeggieRoll the dice and rotate the lid. Now use the tweezer to collect your vegetables. Put them on your plate, but don’t drop the veggies on the table or on your plate. It would be a waste of food! 3+ | 1 pan diameter 24 cm | 4 plates | 20 wooden vegetables […]

GA348 Crocodile

GA348 Crocodile CrocodileCrocodile is a balancing game and ensures good hand-eye coordination. Children have to push out the blue bubbles. But don’t let the fish fall! Can you let the fish slide into the crocs’ mouth? 3+ | wood | 12 pcs | size 8 x8 | incl bag Back To Toys Download The […]

GA361 Tin-O-Phone

GA361 Tin-O-Phone Tin-O-PhoneYou do not need high tech devices to communicate with each other. Just use this one of a kind telephone made from food cans! These two cans are attached to each other with a rope, so that you can communicate in a n easy way. Do you two speak about the tactics to […]