GA439 Giraffe Challenge

GA391 Animal Chat Giraffe ChallengeLook closely at the giraffes and the color pattern. Now slide the round puzzle pieces into the same order as the pattern. Is it going well? Then try to do it with the timer. 4+ | Wood, cardboard, plastic | 22×16,5 cm Download The Manual Here Back To Toys Get in […]

GA437 Dinner Spinner

GA437 Dinner Spinner Dinner Spinner A game for super fast sleuths. Place 14 cards around the large spinner and spin the arrows of both spinners. Now look at the items in the correct color fields and find a card with 2 matching images as quickly as possible. The cards have a color code on the […]

GA432 Pink Elephants

GA432 Pink Elephants Pink Elephants Throw the 3 dice into the cup and count the number of elephants. Close the lid and pass it to the next player while telling them how many pink elephants are in there. This amount must be at least 1 more than the previous player. Make sure you throw the […]

GA428 Feed the Penguin

GA428 Feed the Penguin Feed the PenguinThese happy penguins are in for some fish! Use the ropes to hang the canvas and toss the fish in the penguins’ belly.How many points can you score? 3+ | Polyester, felt and plastic pallets | Cloth with holes 150x80cmRope 5m | Fish 12x8cm. Back To Toys Get […]

GA397 Cats with Hats

GA397 Cats with Hats GA397 Cats with Hats Flip the chips, roll the dice and combine all appearances. Be the first to fi nd the cat and win a button for your own cat. The first player with a fully buttoned cat wins! 3+ | cardboard | cats 14×12 cm | dice 3 cm | […]

GA419 Wheel of Action

GA419 Wheel of Action Wheel of Action Spin the big wheel to see what action everyone must mimic. Some require balance, others are funny and some a little challenging but all a lot of fun! Did you get the yellow star? Pick any action from the board and everyone must join you! A blue star? […]

GA418 Balance Surfboard

GA418 Balance Surfboard Balance Surfboard Help the fish swim away from the sharks. Keep your balance as you swirl & swirl on the surfboard whilst rolling the balls around withoutletting them fall out! 4+ | plywood and solid wood | 1 board, 2 big balls and 3 small balls | board: 50x32x4 cm | big […]

GA417 Scoreboard

GA417 Scoreboard GA417 Scoreboard Write your team’s name with chalk and keep track of points & sets with this wooden scoreboard. Great for football,tennis, hockey and many other sports. A must have for all sport enthusiasts. 3+ | 1 scoreboard | 2 chalks |30 x 15 x 11 cm Back To Toys Get in touch […]

GA415 Corn Hole

GA415 Corn Hole Corn HolePlace the boards facing each other. Get the teams readyand take turns throwing. Score 1 point for bags that areon the board and 3 for bags that go into the hole. Thefirst team to reach 21 points wins the game. 8+ | 2 boards, 8 bags | plywood and cotton | […]

GA408 Secret Tower

G408 Secret Tower Secret Tower Build your towers, but be carefull that you don’t let the other player see yours. Hide it well in your corner. Now take turns asking questions to get you closer to figuring out the other players tower. Is the red on the top half or the crosses under the number […]