GA432 Pink Elephants

GA432 Pink Elephants Pink Elephants Throw the 3 dice into the cup and count the number of elephants. Close the lid and pass it to the next player while telling them how many pink elephants are in there. This amount must be at least 1 more than the previous player. Make sure you throw the […]

GA434 The Wiggle

GA434 The Wiggle The WigglePlay this active card game while standing because you’ll have to move! Do the correct exercises quickly whilst getting rid of all your cards! 6+ | Paper | 61 Cards 8,7×6,2 cm Download The Manual Here Back To Toys Get in touch FAQ Instagram Facebook Youtube Envelope Share-alt BS Head OfficeNieuwe […]

GA433 Nii No Fleh

GA433 Nii No Fleh Nii No Fleh A confusing card game in a non-existing language. Do you shout ‘fléh’ or ‘nii’ or wos-wos? The rules are simple so you just need to pay attention!! If you make a mistake you have to take all cards from the middle. Who will be the first with to […]

GA397 Cats with Hats

GA397 Cats with Hats GA397 Cats with Hats Flip the chips, roll the dice and combine all appearances. Be the first to fi nd the cat and win a button for your own cat. The first player with a fully buttoned cat wins! 3+ | cardboard | cats 14×12 cm | dice 3 cm | […]

GA409 Shoot’m

GA409 Shoot’m Shoot’m Place the targets in a row. Take a few steps back, aim and shoot! Can you get them all? Incudes 25 elastics. 6+ | acrylic, elastic and pine | 5 targets, 1 gun and 25 elastics | target: 8×8,5×1,5 cm | gun: 20x27x10cm Back To Toys Download The Manual Here Get in […]

GA408 Secret Tower

G408 Secret Tower Secret Tower Build your towers, but be carefull that you don’t let the other player see yours. Hide it well in your corner. Now take turns asking questions to get you closer to figuring out the other players tower. Is the red on the top half or the crosses under the number […]

GA404 Find It – Treasure Hunt

GA404 Find It – Treasure Hunt Find It – Treasure HuntA simple way to make your own indoor treasure hunt.Follow the cards to find the pot of gold! With the 50 cards make a new course everytime. Make it as long as you want! 3+ | cardboard | 101 cards and 22 envelopes | card: […]

GA403 Dream House Lotto

GA403 Dream House Lotto Dream House LottoMatch all the fun items in the six dream homes. Pick a chip by turn and be the first to complete your house. 3+ | cardboard | 6 houses, 36 chips | house: 24×14 cm | chip diameter: 5 cm 1 bag included Back To Toys Download The […]

GA402 Spin & Match

GA402 Spin & Match Spin & MatchSpin the spinners. Do you have a piece with this shape and color? Place it on your plate and try to complete your circle to win a token. The first to get all three tokens wins the game. 6+ | plywood | 40 pieces, four plates, 12 tokens, 2 […]

GA401 Brain Race

GA401 Brain Race Brain RaceMove the strips upside down and to the sides to create the correct pattern. Place the card over to strips to check if you got it right! 8+ | plywood and PET cards | 12 wooden strips | 40 transparant cards | strip: 27×2,7×0,8 cm | transparant card: 11×8,5×0,12 cm Back […]