GA438 Geoboard

GA438 Geoboard Geoboard Make the most beautiful creations with this base and the elastics. Use the enclosed cards as an example and build the patterns and cute creatures or let your creativity run wild and come up with the most beautiful creations yourself! 4+ | Wood, cardboard | 18×18 cm Download The Manual Here Back […]

GA436 Tiddly Winks

GA436 Tiddly Winks Tiddly WinksA retro Tiddly winks with a contemporary twist. Made of100% FSC wood in nice fresh colors.Try to score points by squidging your winks into the rings.Who scores the most points? 6+ | Wood & Cotton | 2 hoops, 1 base, 28 chips, 1 bag Download The Manual Here Back To Toys […]

GA397 Cats with Hats

GA397 Cats with Hats GA397 Cats with Hats Flip the chips, roll the dice and combine all appearances. Be the first to fi nd the cat and win a button for your own cat. The first player with a fully buttoned cat wins! 3+ | cardboard | cats 14×12 cm | dice 3 cm | […]

GA417 Scoreboard

GA417 Scoreboard GA417 Scoreboard Write your team’s name with chalk and keep track of points & sets with this wooden scoreboard. Great for football,tennis, hockey and many other sports. A must have for all sport enthusiasts. 3+ | 1 scoreboard | 2 chalks |30 x 15 x 11 cm Back To Toys Get in touch […]

GA407 Clock

GA407 Clock ClockHave fun learning to tell the time! Match the digital and analog clocks. Use the cards to match the time or say the time out loud. Manual included with various play suggestions. 6+ | wood and cardboard | 1 clock, 1 chipholder, 24 chips and 6 cards | clock: 18.5×20 cm | chipholder: […]

GA406 Dragons Stack

GA406 Dragons Stack Dragons StackShake the tower for the color order. Use your sword to stack the same colored pieces on your dragon. Be the first to place the head ontop to win!!  6+ | wood and felt | 20 wooden pieces, 4 dragon heads, 4 dragon bodies, one wooden tower and 4 swords | […]

GA403 Dream House Lotto

GA403 Dream House Lotto Dream House LottoMatch all the fun items in the six dream homes. Pick a chip by turn and be the first to complete your house. 3+ | cardboard | 6 houses, 36 chips | house: 24×14 cm | chip diameter: 5 cm 1 bag included Back To Toys Download The […]

GA402 Spin & Match

GA402 Spin & Match Spin & MatchSpin the spinners. Do you have a piece with this shape and color? Place it on your plate and try to complete your circle to win a token. The first to get all three tokens wins the game. 6+ | plywood | 40 pieces, four plates, 12 tokens, 2 […]

GA401 Brain Race

GA401 Brain Race Brain RaceMove the strips upside down and to the sides to create the correct pattern. Place the card over to strips to check if you got it right! 8+ | plywood and PET cards | 12 wooden strips | 40 transparant cards | strip: 27×2,7×0,8 cm | transparant card: 11×8,5×0,12 cm Back […]

GA399 Robot Friends

GA399 Robot Friends Robot FriendsTurn a coin and make that colored robot. Play with your friends or alone. Manual inside with different level games.  3+ | cardboard | 32 pieces | robot: 25×23 cm Back To Toys Download The Manual Here Get in touch FAQ Instagram Facebook Youtube Envelope Share-alt BS Head OfficeNieuwe Gracht 45-472011 […]