GA347 Veggie

GA347 Veggie VeggieRoll the dice and rotate the lid. Now use the tweezer to collect your vegetables. Put them on your plate, but don’t drop the veggies on the table or on your plate. It would be a waste of food! 3+ | 1 pan diameter 24 cm | 4 plates | 20 wooden vegetables […]

GA348 Crocodile

GA348 Crocodile CrocodileCrocodile is a balancing game and ensures good hand-eye coordination. Children have to push out the blue bubbles. But don’t let the fish fall! Can you let the fish slide into the crocs’ mouth? 3+ | wood | 12 pcs | size 8 x8 | incl bag Back To Toys Download The […]

GA014 Giant Mikado

GA014 Giant Mikado Giant MikadoCan you pick up the most poles, without moving the other ones? 8+ | 31 poles | bamboo | length 90 cm | diameter 0,7 cm Back To Toys Download The Manual Here Get in touch FAQ Instagram Facebook Youtube Envelope Share-alt BS Head OfficeNieuwe Gracht 45-472011 ND HaarlemThe NetherlandsT: […]

GA277 Giant Tower

GA277 Giant Tower Giant TowerBuild a high tower and remove blocks without knocking the tower down or use them as construction blocks. Includes a dice. 4+ | incl 60 blocks and 1 dice | wood | block size 20 x 4,5 x 2,5 cm | max height tower 1 m | incl cotton bag   […]

GA278 Giant Domino

GA278 Giant Domino Giant DominoThe well-known family game but now in an extra large size and bright colors. Made of fine quality wood. 4+ | 28 pieces | plywood | 18 x 7,5 x 1,5 cm | 1 cotton bag Back To Toys Download The Manual Here Get in touch FAQ Instagram Facebook Youtube Envelope […]

GA329 Ice Dream

GA329 Ice Dream Ice DreamTake a card and pile up the different flavours to create the ice cream shown on the card. The first person who makes the ice cream, without dropping the flavours, wins the game.  4+ | wood | 24 pcs | 30 cards | incl bag | Size cup 60 x 60 […]

GA350 Crocs Socks

GA350 Crocs’ Socks Crocs’ SocksOh oh…the crocodile is a bit confused! He is looking for his socks, but he cannot find a matching pair. Flip a card and be the first to catch the missing sock with your plumber! But be carefull, does the croc need his left or his right sock? 4+ | Cardboard […]

GA352 Apple Picking

GA352 Apple Picking Apple PickingThis large green apple has many small apples in it’s belly. They can be eaten one by one, but be prepared… The bar can move and that is not allowed. Use the cards to collect even more points with your own secret tasks. 6+ | Wood | 27,5×27,5×6,5 cm Back […]

GA359 Travel Checkers & Chess

GA359 Travel Games: Chess / Checkers/ Tic Tac Toe Travel Games: Chess / Checkers/ Tic Tac ToeI am going on holiday and take with me.. the least as possible! Within this strong cotton bag, you will find as much as 3 different games! Play chess and checkers with the small wooden chips on one side […]

GA368 Parrots

GA368 Parrots ParrotsCollect Parrots and score the highest points! But be careful, when you collect two or three parrots of the same color, you will lose all your points! Tactics and good luck are not the only things you need for this game, but also courage and the goodwill of your opponents. When your opponent […]