GA395 5 Hoop Games

GA395 5 Hoop Games 5 Hoop GamesThrow, hop or roll; you can do it all with these happy wooden hoops. Includes manual with 5 fun games to play. 6+ | Wood | 45x45x2 cm Back To Toys Download The Manual Here Get in touch Instagram Facebook Youtube Envelope Share-alt BS Head OfficeNieuwe Gracht 45-472011 ND […]

GA392 Bugs

GA392 Bugs Bugs – Active Search GameHide all 18 wooden chips with the bugs and roll the dice. Can you find the matching bug? Place all chips in a wide field for an active searchgame or hide them in your home for a quick searchgame. 3+ | Wood | 22x22x4,5 cm Back To Toys Download […]