GA479 Twirl Stick

Previous slide Next slide Twirl Stick GA479 Step into the spotlight of showbiz and let your talent shine with our fantastic Twirl stick! Whether you’re a rising star or just looking for some fun, this twirl stick will guarantee a performance to remember. wood, cork, fabric ribbons | stick 45,5 cm | 2 (attached to […]

GA480 Poi Sling

Previous slide Next slide Poi Sling GA480 Ready to shine? Our amazing poi sling is waiting for you! Swirl, spin, and dance with this unique toy that takes your motor skills to the next level. wood, cork, fabric ribbons | handle 21,5 cm | rope 41 cm | ball Ø 6 cm | 8 ribbons […]

GA476 Lacrosse Kit

Previous slide Next slide Download the manual Lacrosse Kit GA476 This Lacrosse kit, made from recycled plastic, includes two rackets and a soft ball. Easy to carry around. Practice your skills and pass the ball to your opponent with a swing. wheat straw plastic, neoprene ball | 2 rackets,41×4 cm | 1 ball Ø 5,5 […]

GA478 Catch the Fruit

Previous slide Next slide Download the manual Catch the Fruit GA478 Take a card and place it on your board. Take turns asking questions to figure out which cow the other player has. Does their cow have a hat? Or maybe a bow? If not, then flip them down. The last cow is the matching […]

GA470 Ring Toss

Previous slide Next slide Ring Toss – Round GA470 Throw rings with style and precision with our wooden ring toss game! Quality and fun come together in this classic game for all ages wood, cotton | base 1 Ø 25 cm x 16 cm | base 2 Ø 7cm  x 16 cm | 5 rings […]

GA481 Run to the Color

Previous slide Next slide Download the manual Run to the Color GA481 In ‘Run to the Color,’ two teams compete to be the first to reach the rope with the right color, matching the drawn chip. Let the colorful game begin! wood, cotton | 6 ropes 1,5 m (total length of ropes 9 m) | […]

GA477 Bounce Rackets

Previous slide Next slide Download the manual Bounce Rackets GA477 Crafted from bamboo along with stretchy fabric, the fluffy ball bounces cheerfully. This tennis set is perfect for young children, as these rackets can be held with both hands. bamboo, fabric | set rackets Ø 29 cm | 1 rubber ball Ø 9,5 cm What […]

GA475 Bow and Arrow

Previous slide Next slide Download the manual Bow and Arrow GA475 Are you the next Robin Hood? Find out with our bow and arrow set, complete with a soft fabric target. Shoot bullseye after bullseye and become the hero of the game! wood, felt, fabric | 1 bow 40×13 cm | 3 arrow 26,5 cm […]

GA474 Golf Set

Previous slide Next slide Download the manual Golf Set GA474 Go for a hole-in-one fun with this wooden golf set. Gather your friends and play a round of mini golf in the backyard. A guarantee for hours of entertainment! wood | 2 golf sticks 57×8 cm, 2 balls Ø 3,5 cm | 1 hole 10x8x12,5 […]

GA473 Catch Game

Previous slide Next slide Download the manual Catch Game GA473 Discover our premium quality game with these two wooden round Velcro catchers and a soft ball. Enjoy hours of fun with this game set. wood, velcro | front velcro, back wood Ø 19,2 cm | 1 soft fabric ball Ø 7,5 cm What do you […]

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