GA483 Teamwork

Previous slide Next slide Teamwork GA483 Toys that inspire teamwork, fun and social interaction among kids. They will discover the joy of shared success and the comfort of helping and supporting each other. In box: Active Coordination Game | Large Jumping Rope | Tug of War | Parachute | Lighthouse Relay What do you learn […]

GA482 Learn Through Movement

Previous slide Next slide Learn Through Movement GA482 Toys and games that seamlessly integrate learning with movement. Through interactive play and physical engagement, children learn by doing.  In box: Moves | Wheel of Action | The Outdoor Arrow | Run to the Color | Body Bending What do you learn from these games? • gross […]

GA484 Outdoor Play

Previous slide Next slide Outdoor Play GA484 Toys that bring the joy of active learning outdoors. The play pattern encourages exploration, physical activity, and imaginative problem-solving. Puzzle Beezzz Ice Dream Stacker Memo Fish Geoboard. In box: Giant Tumble Tower | Catch & Snatch | Corn Hole Wooden | Walking Bobbins | Noughts Crosses | Wobbly […]

GA485 Single Player Games

Previous slide Next slide Single Player Games GA485 Toys designed for solo play which will allow a child to discover and learn at its own pace. In box: Stack Tower | Puzzle Beezzz | Ice Dream Stacker | Memo Fish | Geoboard What do you learn from these game? • concentration• creativity• solution-oriented thinking   […]

GA479 Twirl Stick

Previous slide Next slide Twirl Stick GA479 Step into the spotlight of showbiz and let your talent shine with our fantastic Twirl stick! Whether you’re a rising star or just looking for some fun, this twirl stick will guarantee a performance to remember. wood, cork, fabric ribbons | stick 45,5 cm | 2 (attached to […]

GA480 Poi Sling

Previous slide Next slide Poi Sling GA480 Ready to shine? Our amazing poi sling is waiting for you! Swirl, spin, and dance with this unique toy that takes your motor skills to the next level. wood, cork, fabric ribbons | handle 21,5 cm | rope 41 cm | ball Ø 6 cm | 8 ribbons […]

GA476 Lacrosse Kit

Previous slide Next slide Download the manual Lacrosse Kit GA476 This Lacrosse kit, made from recycled plastic, includes two rackets and a soft ball. Easy to carry around. Practice your skills and pass the ball to your opponent with a swing. wheat straw plastic, neoprene ball | 2 rackets,41×4 cm | 1 ball Ø 5,5 […]

GA478 Catch the Fruit

Previous slide Next slide Download the manual Catch the Fruit GA478 Watch out for the flying fruit! Use your stick to catch the fruit and score bonus points by making sets. wood | 27 fruit frisbees Ø 9 cm | 4 catching sticks 28x Ø 10 cm What do you learn from this game? • […]

GA470 Ring Toss

Previous slide Next slide Ring Toss – Round GA470 Throw rings with style and precision with our wooden ring toss game! Quality and fun come together in this classic game for all ages wood, cotton | base 1 Ø 25 cm x 16 cm | base 2 Ø 7cm  x 16 cm | 5 rings […]

GA481 Run to the Color

Previous slide Next slide Download the manual Run to the Color GA481 In ‘Run to the Color,’ two teams compete to be the first to reach the rope with the right color, matching the drawn chip. Let the colorful game begin! wood, cotton | 6 ropes 1,5 m (total length of ropes 9 m) | […]

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