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We believe that it is essential for the development of kids to play. Moreover, it is even more important these days for kids to be active and have a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we asked Mitch Kolkman to be our Brand Ambassador and asked him to share his inspiring stories with the world.

Mitch is an 20-year-old Triathlete from Haarlem. Additionally, he moved to Sittard to train hard to fulfill his dream to compete in the Olympics. Being a Triathlete means that you have to be extremely good at swimming, running, and biking! Mitch works very hard to be on top of his game. In fact, he trains 25 hours a week, so he can hopefully qualify for the European Championship and World Championship Triathlon. His goal is to end up in the top three, but we are convinced he will take home the gold medal! Go, Mitch!

At his young age, Mitch has always been active. For instance, he was a competitive swimmer and played soccer. At the age of 15, Mitch started doing Triathlon. He always loved being outside to play soccer, Hide and Seek or Kick the Can with friends. He believes that playing outside is a great way to make friends and develop a lot of skills. This is what we at BS Toys stand for as well!

Mitch hopes to make a living out of his sports and to be able to travel the world while competing in Triathlon tournaments. He will share his adventures with us by sharing photos, videos and stories.

We hope that the story of Mitch will inspire young children to go out and be active. And who knows, maybe to pursue a future in sports as well.

Mitch will share his adventures in a blog on this website, and we will post about it on our channels.

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