Our story

Our company BuitenSpeel BV and the BS Toys brand was established in 2006 .Our mission is to make anyone play, regardless of age. Our aim is to be a worldwide established, full-fledged toy brand that designs and develops high-quality toys and games which are active and educational! Play is essential for the development of all children. Nowadays it’s even more important for kids to be active and have a healthy lifestyle. Our games are made for in- and outdoor playing fun for all ages!

Our office is located in Haarlem, the Netherlands. This is the beating heart of our brand, where creative and intelligent talent comes together. Here we develop, shape and test our games and toys as well as present our brand internationally. We promote and sell our products through our agents, distributors and stores worldwide.

We at BS Toys made it our mission to let all children around the world play without the interference of smartphones, tablets and computers. We are not against technology, we just want kids to enjoy discovering things, play, climb, jump, and work together!

That’s why we work hard to develop games and toys where kids can be active for hours, enjoy life to the fullest and always learn while playing! We design our games and toys for all seasons and all children, starting from the age of 3.

Meet the BS Toys team

Marcel Schagen

CEO & Founder


Elske Hoogeveen

Toy Designer


Ralf Kappert

Supply Chain Professional


Filipa Plesman

Toy Designer


Natasja Bozic

Design & Communication


Marco van den Ende

Sales Professional


Leida Willling

Sales Professional


Desiree Roke

Sales Professional France

At BS Toys, we work with a small team and almost all the work is done from our office in Haarlem. This means Product Development (from design to end product), Logistics, Sales, Marketing & Communication and so on. Our goal is to take our games and toys to an even higher level with regards to quality and entertainment. 


We are an open and informal company, accessible to all! Not afraid to sometimes step up the game to be able to always get the best out of ourselves in a customer-oriented way! We can customize games and toys including their packaging to match your brand. This can be for done for marketing & promotional campaigns as well as an introduction of our brand in your store. We are happy to make both online and offline custom made promotional materials for you and your consumer with a BS Toys touch.

If you have any questions about us or our products, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail or fill in de contact form on our contact page.