GA434 The Wiggle

GA434 The Wiggle The WigglePlay this active card game while standing because you’ll have to move! Do the correct exercises quickly whilst getting rid of all your cards! 6+ | Paper | 61 Cards 8,7×6,2 cm Download The Manual Here Back To Toys Get in touch FAQ Instagram Facebook Youtube Envelope Share-alt BS Head OfficeNieuwe […]

GA431 Reflex Boxing Ball

GA431 Reflex Boxing Ball Reflex Boxing Ball Train your eye-hand coordination and reflexes. Put the band around your head. Now try to box the ball as many times in a row as you can. The ball will return to you because of the elastic, so the harder you hit, the harder it will return. Can […]

GA430 Click & Go – Doorway ball

GA430 Click & Go – Doorway ball Click & Go – Doorway BallClick it and it’s ready to play! Clamp on any door frame and go for it. Jab it, punch it, kick it and duck! Try to control the ball as best you can. An easy and fun way to train your hand-eye coordination […]

GA429 Ninja Launcher

GA429 Ninja Launcher Ninja Launcher1…2…Launch! Launch these cork ninjas into the air and try to catch them with the net. Are you as fast as a Ninja, and can you catch them all? Made of 100% FSC wood and designed for hours of fun! 6+ | Wood, cork and fabric | Ninja diameter 28mm and […]

GA428 Feed the Penguin

GA428 Feed the Penguin Feed the PenguinThese happy penguins are in for some fish! Use the ropes to hang the canvas and toss the fish in the penguins’ belly.How many points can you score? 3+ | Polyester, felt and plastic pallets | Cloth with holes 150x80cmRope 5m | Fish 12x8cm. Back To Toys Get […]

GA427 Flying de Boule

GA427 Flying de Boule Flying de BouleLike Jeu de Boules, but flying! Launch the Parachutes and try to get your boules as close as possible to the island. Is your boule the closest? Mission accomplished, you are the winner of this game! 6+ | Wood and polyester | island 10 x 9 x 0,5 cm […]

GA426 Catch & Snatch

GA426 Catch & Snatch Catch & SnatchWatch out! Because everyone is after your colorful tails! With this game, every player starts with four tails. Now try to catch the other players’ tails. Snatch them and stick them to your velcro belt. Who can collect the most tails and the most points? 3+ | felt and […]

GA425 Bullet ball

GA425 Bullet ball Bullet ballSwoosh! Let the ball move from one side to the other by holding the handles together or pulling them wide apart. This fast, fun, and well-known toy has a nice wooden look. The handles and ball are made of 100% FSC wood. 6+ | wood Back To Toys Get in […]

GA424 Red light green light

GA424 Red light green light Red light green lightThere are three important rules in this extreme version of Red light Green light; Make sure you are NOT the last player crossing the finish line, pick up at least three tokens along the way and obviously make sure the leader does not see you move. This […]

GA423 Pully Set

GA423 Pulley set Pulley setYour own ropeway, how cool is that? Tie the rope with the pulleys on both sides and pull the rope to get the bucket and bag moving. Send each other notes or little surprises. The ideal toy to freely play with for hours. 3+ | matal, fabric,polyamide | 2 short ropes […]