GA395 5 Hoop Games

GA395 5 Hoop Games 5 Hoop GamesThrow, hop or roll; you can do it all with these happy wooden hoops. Includes manual with 5 fun games to play. 6+ | Wood | 45x45x2 cm Back To Toys Download The Manual Here Get in touch Instagram Facebook Youtube Envelope Share-alt BS Head OfficeNieuwe Gracht 45-472011 ND […]

GA392 Bugs

GA392 Bugs Bugs – Active Search GameHide all 18 wooden chips with the bugs and roll the dice. Can you find the matching bug? Place all chips in a wide field for an active searchgame or hide them in your home for a quick searchgame. 3+ | Wood | 22x22x4,5 cm Back To Toys Download […]

GA335 Shargets

GA335 Shargets ShargetsThese sharks are craving for fish. Can you feed them without getting too close? You don’t want them to bite your fingers! 3+ | large: 22 x 24 x 3,5 cm | medium: 19 x 17 x 3 cm | small: 14 x 12,5 x 3 cm | 10 fish: 6 x 4 […]

GA355 Bowling Forest Friends

GA355 Bowling Forest Friends Bowling Forest FriendsThese happy wooden friends from the forest just came out of town! Use the gnomes and their friends as solid bowling pieces and start the game against each other. This game can be played indoor as well as outdoor to start your adventures in the forest! 3+  | wood […]