GA327 Cat Toss

Previous Next Download the manual GA327 Cat Toss Throw the rings around the cat’s tail. Throw more rings around the tail than your opponent and win the game! The game also includes chalk to keep the scores or to transform your cat into a big panther. The game can also be used as decoration in […]

GA261 Hopscotch

Previous Next GA261 Hopscotch Make your favorite track all by yourself with this hopscotch! Place the rings just close together or far apart to make it easier or more difficult. Sure, you can play this game with more children, but it’s fun on your own as well.      wood, rope   10 rings | dia. […]

GA441 Roll and Stop

Previous Next Download the manual GA441 Roll & Stop Roll roll roll….stop! Score points if the balls stop at the right place. That may seem simple, but it isn’t. Because if your ball rolls too far, you get absolutely nothing! Do you throw with enough precision and guts to score maximum points?      fabric, […]

GA454 Ducks in a row

Previous Next GA454 Ducks in a row Quack quack! Try to knock over the ducks with the bean bags. Just like at the fair!   wood       FSC 100%   1 base with 4 ducks, 6x10x40 cm | 3 bean bags Back to toys

GA450 Birds in Action

Previous Next Download the manual GA450 Birds in Action What a lot of crazy birds in this game! Roll the dice to see which bird you should imitate, which sound to make and whether you should do this fast or slow, shouting or whispering. But don’t make a mistake, because then you’re out!     […]

GA448 Color Wheel

Previous Next Download the manual GA448 Color Wheel With this color spinner, it is very easy to see what happens when you mix two colors. At first, you see yellow and red but when the spinner spins, it changes to orange! Try it by yourself or with a friend if you want to see it […]

GA447 Soccer Tins

Previous Next GA447 Soccer Tins Stack the cans and play football! Can you knock over everything at once? When you have practiced well, line up the cans and try to shoot them one by one.      metal, plastic       6 tins, 11x11x10 cm | football, Ø 10 cm Back to toys

GA446 The Outdoor Arrow

Previous Next Download the manual GA446 The Outdoor Arrow Get your creativity out because with this game you can think of endless ways to play; Decide on an action and then stand in a circle with all players, spin the arrow and wait to see who it points to, that player must do the task. […]

GA445 Lighthouse Relay

Previous Next Download the manual GA445 Lighthouse Relay Help! The lighthouse has fallen over and the parts are scattered everywhere. Each player or team has a color and must quickly help the lighthouse keeper by racing for parts and collecting them all. Can you complete and rebuild the lighthouse without tipping it over again? A […]

GA444 Squirrel Parachutes

Previous slide Next slide Download the manual GA444 Squirrel Parachutes Help the squirrels to fly by launching them high up in the air with these parachutes. Toss them from one parachute to another without dropping any. Count how many squirrels you can catch and add up your points!. Super fun play material for 2 to […]