GA420 Giant Ball

Previous Next GA420 Giant Ball Extra mega giant inflatable ball! Throw, kick or roll for fun active play! Fun for everyone. 3+ | inflatable core | fabric cover | ball diameter: 50 cm | can be inflated with a needle pump (not included) Back to toys

GA417 Scoreboard

GA417 Scoreboard Write your team’s name with chalk and keep track of points & sets with this wooden scoreboard. Great for football,tennis, hockey and many other sports. A must have for all sport enthusiasts. 3+ | 1 scoreboard | 2 chalks |30 x 15 x 11 cm Back to toys

GA415 Corn Hole

Download the manual GA415 Corn Hole Place the boards facing each other. Get the teams readyand take turns throwing. Score 1 point for bags that areon the board and 3 for bags that go into the hole. Thefirst team to reach 21 points wins the game. 8+ | 2 boards, 8 bags | plywood and […]

GA395 5 Hoop Games

Download the manual GA395 5 Hoop Games Throw, hop or roll; you can do it all with these happy wooden hoops. Includes manual with 5 fun games to play. 6+ | Wood | 45x45x2 cm Back to toys FAQ Instagram Facebook Linkedin Envelope Youtube Share-alt Get in touch BS Head OfficeNieuwe Gracht 45-472011 ND HaarlemThe […]

GA362 Tin Throwing Animals

GA362 Tin Throwing Animals These six cool friends from the kingdom of animals like to be thrown down! The ancient game of tin throwing has had a makeover, in order to have even more fun to throw and hear all the tins falling on the ground! Count the points from the back of the tins; […]

GA383 Crocket Rainbow

GA383 Crocket Rainbow Follow the rainbow route by getting the ball with the least amount of hits through all the gates.  4+ | Wood | 45,5×16,7×5,9 cm Back to toys

GA014 Giant Mikado

Download the manual GA014 Giant Mikado Can you pick up the most poles, without moving the other ones? 8+ | 31 poles | bamboo | length 90 cm | diameter 0,7 cm Back to toys

GA050 Disc Deluxe

Click here for the score form GA050 Disc Deluxe Play darts, but play it with discs! Try to throw the discs on the playing field and count who has the biggest score. 6+ | incl 3 discs and 4 pegs | diameter field Back to toys

GA093 Tin Throwing

GA093 Tin Throwing Red Tin throwing continues to be great. With two editions to choose from, it’s even more fun! 3+ | incl 3 throwing bags | 10 metal tins diameter 6 cm height 10 cm Back to toys

GA122 Crocket Jr.

GA122 Crocket Jr. Players must hit the wooden ball with a mallet through all the hoops of the dogs. The player who gets his/her own ball through all the hoops with the lowest number of strokes as possible, wins the game. 3+ | 6 dogs | 2 balls | 2 mallets | wood | length […]