GA372 Speed Bows

Previous Next Download the manual GA372 Speed Bows Every player gets a set of colorful bows and recreates the image that you see on the card in front of you. If you are the first to finish, you’ll win the card! Who has the best combination of spatial awareness, coordination, and speed?       wood, […]

GA452 Panda’s Puzzle

Previous Next Download the manual GA452 Panda’s Puzzle This cheeky panda likes to hide. Can you see where he is? Place him and all the pieces in the same place as the card. Make sure to look at eye level and from all sides.      wood, cardboard   FSC 100%   board, 13,5×13,5 cm […]

GA451 Square Puzzle

Previous Next Download the manual GA451 Square Puzzel Look closely at the card and put the wooden pieces in the right place. The colored dots have to match the color of the puzzle piece. The solutions are in the supplied booklet, but don’t peek!      wood, cardboard    FSC 100%   9 bloks 15x15x0,8 […]

GA449 Pointy Puzzle

Previous Next Download the manual GA449 Pointy Puzzle A fun puzzle in a handy tin! Recreate the shapes on the cards. Can’t figure it out? Then the solution is on the back.   wood, cardboard        FSC 100%   5 wooden pieces, ca 9×4,5×0,5 cm | 20 cards, 8×8 cm | tin packaging  […]

GA349 Frames

Previous Next Download the manual GA349 Frames Flip a card and build the pattern as quickly as possible. Who is the best and quickest builder? The card will tell you to build it flat, on the table or up in the air.   wood, cardboard   48 frames, L 9x9x0,9 cm, M 4x4x2 cm, S […]

GA351 Mikado Melon

Previous Next Download the manual GA351 Mikado Melon Mikado Melon is all about precision. You need to throw the dice and take out the stick with that colour. Be concentrated, because the melon cannot fall on the table. Each colour is worth different points. If you let the melon fall, you are out of the […]

GA440 Zigzag

Previous Next Download the manual GA440 Zigzag Swoosh…the balls are rolling in all directions! Grab them as quickly as possible with the tweezers and put them in the same order as the zigzag cards. Try to get the dual-color balls first because they are worth more points. Are you the fastest or do you have […]

GA439 Giraffe Challenge

Previous Next Download the manual GA439 Giraffe Challenge Look closely at the giraffes and the color pattern. Now slide the round puzzle pieces into the same order as the pattern. Is it going well? Then try to do it with the timer.   Wood, cardboard, plastic   FSC 100%   22×16,5 cm Back to toys

GA438 Geoboard

Previous Next GA438 Geoboard Make the most beautiful creations with this base and the elastics. Use the enclosed cards as an example and build the patterns and cute creatures or let your creativity run wild and come up with the most beautiful creations yourself!   Wood, cardboard   FSC 100%   18×18 cm Back to […]

GA437 Dinner Spinner

Previous Next Download the manual GA437 Dinner Spinner A game for super fast sleuths. Place 14 cards around the large spinner and spin the arrows of both spinners. Now look at the items in the correct color fields and find a card with 2 matching images as quickly as possible. The cards have a color […]