GA453 Aquascope

Previous Next GA453 Aquascope All water creatures united, because the researcher is here! With this fun aquascope you can explore underwater, like a window to the sea world! What do you spot?   pressed wood      FSC 100%  aquascope, 20x6x10 cm Back to toys

GA302 Diving Memo

Download the manual GA302 Diving Memo Who can hold their breath the longest? This marine animals-memo game is specially for in the water! 6+ | neoprene | sand filling | diameter 10 cm | 12 pcs (6 sets) Back to toys

GA173 Diving Animals

GA173 Diving Animals Practice your underwater skills with these fun diving animals. 6+ | neoprene | sand filling | diameter ca. 14 cm | 3 pcs per set  Back to toys FAQ Instagram Facebook Linkedin Envelope Youtube Share-alt Get in touch BS Head OfficeNieuwe Gracht 45-472011 ND HaarlemThe NetherlandsT: +31 (0) BS Team in […]

GA174 Velcro Gloves

GA174 Velcro Gloves This is a fun catch and throwing game for 2 persons! The inner side of the gloves are made of velcro. 6+ | neoprene | 2 velcro catch pads + 1 ball | 18 x 23 cm Back to toys

GA196 XXXXL Bubbles

GA196 XXXXL Bubbles THAT’s what we call HUGE bubbles! We have included a recipe on the packaging to make bubble soap! 3+ | cotton rope | pine | poles 45 cm Back to toys

GA303 Bounce Tennis

GA303 Bounce Tennis These two elastic rackets and fluffy ball provide even more fun at the beach or in the park. Play with your friends and see how long you can keep it in the air. 6+ | 2 rackets | 1 fluffy ball | size 57 x 32 cm Back to toys

GA378 Diving Bow

GA378 Diving Bow Are you the queen or king of the under water world? Proof it by swimming through the gate. 6+ | Neoprene | 24x10x7,7 cm  Back to toys

GA388 Diving Animals

GA388 Diving Animals Shark, Ray and Octo, practice your underwater skills with these fun diving animals. 6+ | Neoprene| 19,8×18,5×3,8 cm Back to toys