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3 In a Row


A playfull spin on the classic four-in-a-row game! After shuffling the pattern cards face down, each player selects a card and places it on the table, face up, ready for action. Take turns strategically placing your multiple colored wood chips into slots of the hexagon wood base, aiming to match the pattern on your card. The player who successfully recreates their card’s pattern is the winner. To add to the challenge, cards don’t have a top or bottom, so look at the cards from all sides to see what the pattern will look like from different directions.

But here’s the twist: cards remain visible to both players because this game is not just about creating your pattern—it’s about stopping the other player from achieving theirs.

wood, pine, cardboard | base 24×22,5×2,5 cm | 30 cards 5,5×5 cm | 6 chips

What do you learn from this game?

• strategic thinking
• spatial awareness
• logical reasoning


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